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Chevron obsession

Hello to my many, many followers (jokes).  One of you in particular (hi, Jess) has been harassing me to write a post.  Since I’m gearing up for the big move, I’ve spent a lot of time touching on furniture, packing, and completing various arts & crafts.  I found a step by step guide on DIY chevron canvases here, and knew that they would be the perfect (and cheap) art to hang in my new apartment.  My cousin gave me some old throw pillows in grey and black, so I didn’t necessarily think that gold chevron would match, but I loved the metallic look.  After a trip to AC Moore and $40 later I had all the materials to make 3 painted canvases – I’m not sure why the original blogger bought canvases at $22 a pop when I found some on sale at 2 for $8…



I printed out the design online, and lined it up.  Other bloggers say to use push pins at each point of the zig zags – I just used one and poked little markers for the painter’s tape.









After I tape the zig zags from each push pin marker, I had to repeat the pattern throughout the whole canvas.









After the two coats of paint dried, I carefully pulled up the painter’s tape.  Luckily for me, the paint didn’t leak into the chevron painting too much.








All done! Fingers crossed they’ll look great on the wall above my couch!

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